About Boutique Hotels Spain




If you’re considering a weekend away in Spain or you’re already thinking about booking next years holiday, then here are some reasons why you should choose to stay in a boutique hotel:


Every detail in a boutique hotel is top standard and even the finest detail is perfection. A boutique hotel is a one-off, an original therefore it has had the time and attention of a complete interior design team. The owner of that hotel will have approved everything from the thread count in the towels to the style of the door handles. A boutique hotel is, quite literally, a masterpiece.


Look for a hotel that is themed around your greatest interests. That could be a certain decade, a television programme, a band… Guaranteed there will be a hotel out there that has themed each and every bedroom along with bathrooms, dining room and reception. When you enter a themed boutique hotel, expect everything to be in theme. If it’s themed around something you’re passionate about, then you’ll love each and every part.


Boutique styled hotels usually have a maximum of fifty guestrooms, with some having as few as two. The idea behind a boutique hotel is that they are a little dose of luxury. You don’t have to worry about rushing to the dining room and you don’t have to fight for a space next to the pool. These hotels cater for each and every special individual that they accommodate. When you choose to stay at a boutique style hotel, you’ll laugh thinking of the five hundred tourists all squashed into the large chain hotel in Spain.


A boutique style hotel offers you a time-out from reality. This means no noisy telephone in your bedroom, no mini bar, no wireless connection and no television. Although there will be some boutique hotels that make exceptions to some of these factors, the majority will want your bedroom to be a place of tranquillity and calm so you can get the time-out that you deserve. So if you want a good night sleep then you won’t get a better one than in the boutique kind of hotel.


You can never get bored of going to these hotels because there are so many variations in Spain. From Barcelona to Madrid or any of the coast areas, you will find boutique style hotels that are completely different from each other yet they all still offer the luxury, intimacy and calm that has previously been mentioned. Find the style of hotel that suits you and take a visit, then next time try something completely new.

Enjoy it!